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Your Aesthetic Consultation

Booking a consultation for an aesthetic (cosmetic) treatment is a big step. Many people have thought about treatment for a long time before booking to see a plastic surgeon. This is a very important part of the process and decision to undergo aesthetic surgery or treatments. Ms Nugent will use these consultations to get to know you and to understand what you want. She will listen to your concerns, ask you questions, examine you and take clinical photographs.

Then you and Nora will discuss your options together and work out which is the best treatment for you. If you are considering aesthetic surgery, there will be two consultations spaced at least two weeks apart with the second at least two weeks before your surgery. This is to allow you time to receive all the information you need, to read and think over the information and come to an unrushed decision with all your questions answered.

One of the two consultations can be virtual (video or telephone), and photographs can be submitted securely in advance of this consultation. Our office can send a secure photograph upload link to you along with our photographic guide so that you know which photographs are most useful for Ms Nugent. However, for any surgical procedure involving more than a minor local anaesthetic procedure, at least one consultation must be in-person. At your in-person consultation, Ms Nugent will examine you and take clinical photographs with/without a clinical video. She will answer any questions that you have and help you come to a decision. Procedure information and guide quotations for treatments discussed will be sent to you to read following the initial consultation. Some procedures are suitable for 3D simulation of the results e.g. breast augmentation and we will advise you if this is the case for you.

Sometimes there will be a choice of more than one procedure, while other times Nora will recommend a particular procedure over the others for your situation. Sometimes she will advise additional psychological support before proceeding with any treatment and at times, she advises against treatment or that you are not ready yet for treatment. After that, the next step is to book surgery if you wish to proceed or to take more time to reflect and consider the information and recommendations if you are not sure.

In advance of the consultations, it can be helpful to consider the following:

  • What are your concerns?
  • What do you want to change and what changes do you want?
  • Why do you want this treatment and what benefits do you think it will bring to you?
  • How invasive a treatment would you consider? Surgery or medical (non-surgical) treatments?
  • When can you take the time to recover from surgery and how much time can you take off?
  • Will you have help during your recovery?
  • What is your budget for treatment?
  • Do you have any health problems that need to be taken into consideration before having treatment?
  • Will your current lifestyle affect your suitability for surgery and/or maintenance of the results afterwards?

The information that you need to come away from the consultations with is the following:

  • What is possible and realistic to change in your situation?
  • What results are possible and realistic in your individual circumstance?
  • The procedure(s) recommended for you
  • What is involved in the procedure; procedure details, type of anaesthetic, recovery, aftercare, potential risks and complications?
  • Cost of treatment
  • Location of treatment and scheduling availability

Thinking about these points in advance of your consultation help to get the most out of your time with Ms Nugent. She will always endeavour to put your goals and interests first and make the best recommendations that she can for you. She is very approachable and will take the time needed to answer your questions and explain your treatment options.