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Clinical Massage Therapies

Following any type of surgical procedure, it is natural to experience swelling and bruising, while feeling more tired and emotional than usual. Symptoms can vary substantially, depending on your prior health and wellness and the extent or complexity of your surgery. Swelling and bruising can be painful, prevent comfortable sleeping and delay the ability to move freely. This is due to raised pressure and inflammation within the tissues. Whilst symptoms will clear naturally in time, investing in expert post-surgical aftercare can substantially decrease your ‘down time’. You will look & feel better much sooner, reduce the risk of complications, see your results earlier & get back to living your life more quickly.

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clinical massage therapy tunbridge wells

Clinical massage therapies consist of a combination of clinical therapies to accelerate any post-surgical recovery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), Myofascial Release and Lymphascial Kinesiology Taping relieve pressure, ease pain, reduce inflammation, promote uncomplicated wound, skin & tissue healing, decrease swelling, disperse bruising, encourage soft, even results and manage scarring of any type and age.

Clare Anvar, Clinical Massage Therapist at the Purity Bridge Clinic in Tunbridge Wells is  a highly skilled clinical massage therapist that Ms Nugent works with to ensure top quality clincial massage therapy is available for all her surgical patients. Those who may benefit from Clare’s therapies include patient undergoing face & neck lifts, rhinoplasty, breast reduction & mastopexy as well as abdominal & body contouring surgeries and liposuction.