I am pleased to announce a closer partnership with Clare Anvar of Surgical Recovery UK. Clare and I have known each other for several years and she has always been available to help my patients recover after surgery with therapies such as manual lymphatic drainage, lymphascial kinesiology taping, myofascial release and deep ossillation therapy. Clare is highly qualified and very experienced in her field.

The therapies that Clare offers ease pain, reduce inflammation, promote uncomplicated wound, skin & tissue healing, decrease swelling, disperse bruising and encourage soft, even results. They are very gentle and can be started safely very early in your recovery even over dressings, splints and tapes. They can also be tailored to help recover from surgery all over the body from facelifts, rhinoplasties and blepharoplasties to breast surgery to liposuction, abdominoplasties and other body contouring procedures.

Clare has put together a specially tailored package of treatments for my patients. She will see you before surgery for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your procedure and its recovery, to explain about post-surgical garments and compression and to custom-fit you for your post-surgical garment. After surgery, Clare will arrange 4 one-hour sessions within the first 6 weeks of your surgery and put together a bespoke combination of clinical therapies designed to complement and aid your specific post-surgery recovery.

I encourage all of my patients to consider post-surgical recovery therapies and you can read about these in more detail on the Clinical Massage Therapies page which also has a more detailed brochure available to download. Preparation for surgery and enhancing postoperative care and recovery are very important to me as I can see the difference a well-prepared-for surgery and recovery make for my patients. Plastic surgery is not just about doing the surgery. It matters how you heal afterwards. I will always strive to improve healing and recovery and will offer you the best care and therapies available to help with this.

If you are considering surgery with me and would like to meet Clare and avail of her expertise and skills, please contact my office on enquiries@noranugent.co.uk or 01892 619248 and my team would be happy to help you. For pricing of this package, please also contact my office and if you would like to read more about preparing for surgery or recovering after surgery, follow the links to these pages in addition to the specific page for your surgery here on my website.

Preparation for Surgery

After Surgery