Ms Nugent has continued her membership of The Beauty Triangle for another year. The Beauty Triangle was founded by Francesca White, Health & Beauty Editor-At-Large for Tatler. It is an exclusive community of plastic surgeons and aesthetic doctors brought together with the purpose of education and conversation about aesthetics, beauty and wellness. The ‘triangle’ relates to the holistic approach to events and topics where three practitioners from different specialities come together to offer their unique perspectives and expertise to allow a comprehensive discussion.

Look out for Ms Nugent’s events throughout the year with The Beauty Triangle! These will include in-person events where you can meet Nora, webinars and Instagram Lives. We will be posting about upcoming events on this website and on our Instagram (@noranugent and @aislingplasticsurgery) and other social media accounts. You can catch snippets of previous events in the IGTV section of @the_beauty_triangle on Instagram. Scroll down to see what Ms Nugent says about breast surgery, labiaplasty, liposuction, mummy make-overs and many other topics! Events are open to all who are interested in aesthetics, beauty and wellness.

We will be adding more videos on different aesthetic (cosmetic) topics throughout the year to our website, Instagram accounts and YouTube channel (Nora Nugent) as well. Please let us know if there are any plastic surgery topics that you would like to hear about. We will be covering preparing for surgery, different types of aesthetic surgery, recovery after surgery, non-surgical facial treatments and steps to take if you are considering aestheticĀ  surgery. There are already some videos on the procedure pages of the website and on our YouTube channel that you may find helpful to watch if you are considering aesthetic treatments.

As always, please get in touch if we can help you further and if you would like to see Ms Nugent for a consultation to see what is best for you and your individual situation. We would love to hear from you!