I am sometimes asked (by both patients and colleagues!) why I attend so many plastic surgery meetings and why I spend so much time preparing lectures and being involved with the plastic surgery societies such as the BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and ESAPS (European Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons).

The answer is there are many reasons! It is true that lecturing at meetings takes a lot of time. Not only do I need to take time to attend the meeting, I need to spend time preparing my lectures. I speak on many topics but most commonly on facial and breast aesthetic surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery practice management and professional matters. To speak on these, I must review my cases and techniques, be up to date with the medical literature and be able to impart the important points clearly and succinctly to my audience. Education and training are so important for patient safety and quality of results. To borrow a phrase from our trainees, ‘no training today, no surgeons tomorrow!’

Involvement with plastic surgery societies also takes time but there are many issues that affect plastic surgeons both nationally and internationally. These may be related to training and education. But they can also relate to patient safety, regulation and practical matters intrinsic to being able to run a good plastic surgery practice. As you can understand, this takes time and preparation too! I am the Vice-President of the BAAPS with a commitment to being President from 2024 to 2026 as well as Secretary of ESAPS.

However, without involvement in plastic surgery societies and engagement with the other bodies that regulate and interact with us, we have no influence. We know plastic surgery better than anyone else – just as you know your areas of work. We are always striving to improve plastic surgery and how it is delivered to you –  the patient. To do this best, we need to be involved in the policies and committees that shape and affect this.

While all the above are the altruistic reasons to be part of the plastic surgery meetings and societies, the truth is also that it is rewarding personally to be involved too. I learn a lot and improve my results too. I also meet many national and international colleagues. We exchange tips and pearls and share our experiences. We also build strong friendships and form a community together. So yes, I STILL go to many plastic surgery meetings and I STILL stay involved with the plastic surgery societies!


We are very pleased to announce that Ms Nugent has been elected as Vice President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)!! Her term will run for two years from September 2022 until September 2024 when she will become the President of the BAAPS for a further two years. The BAAPS is the professional organisation for plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom who undertake aesthetic plastic surgery. It is focused on safety, education and training in aesthetic plastic surgery and is a key advisor and consultant on all major issues affecting aesthetic surgery and medicine in the UK. Nora has been a Member of Council of the BAAPS since 2018 and is delighted and honoured to accept her new role.

Nora says “I am honoured and very privileged to have become the Vice President of the BAAPS in September. Having been a Member of Council of the BAAPS since 2018 and Chair of BAAPS Support from 2020 to 2022, I have seen first-hand the number of issues the BAAPS handles and the tireless work of the Council and Officers publicly and behind the scenes to advance aesthetic plastic surgery safety, regulation and training. It has also been very rewarding to work within such an organisation and I look forward to the next two years as Vice President.

The BAAPS is in a unique position in the UK amongst plastic surgeons and UK aesthetics. It has extremely knowledgeable and experienced aesthetic plastic surgeons in its membership, strong links with other national and international healthcare and plastic surgery organisations and through its links with PLASTA, the BAAPS trainee membership and the recently launched Aesthetic Mentorship Scheme, a chance to train and mentor current and future young plastic surgeons to a high standard in their aesthetic careers.”

Did you know that Nora is also Secretary for ESAPS/EASAPS (European Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons/European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)?! Through this role, she is in regular contact with her European plastic surgery counterparts and works with them on issues affecting patients and plastic surgery across Europe.

Nora is also very pleased to be working alongside Mr Marc Pacifico who has just taken over the Presidency of the BAAPS and is her close colleague at Purity Bridge. This is the first time in history that the President and Vice President of the BAAPS have been based in the same clinic working alongside each other. It promises to be a very exciting two years for both Nora and Marc and they are looking forward to this immensely.